Friday, May 22, 2009

The 'Running From Diabetes Podcast'

As you can already tell I'm not a writer. But I can talk. I've been wanting to create a podcast that helped me journal my dealing with diabetes. So welcome to my podcast 'Running From Diabetes Podcast' . I just posted my first episode. A little raw with way to much wind noise but we all have to start someplace. 

I hope this podcast inspires others with diabetes that anything is possible. I know it is for me doing these endurance sports.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just a little fun.

A almost great cappuccino from my new machine. Getting better at this.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

A New Step Forward

After several months of not posting I decided that I needed to get back to what I considered personal therapy. I needed to post to this blog and in the near future create a podcast about why I running from diabetes. I needed to tell no one and everyone how I'm dealing with my diabetes. I hope that this account gives others, in the same situation, the idea that anything is possible even when the disease and its complications are at their worst. 

This week I've spend the majority of it in a funk. That's the best way I could explain it. It's not the severe depression I suffered several months ago but definitely a milder case. I've been unable to complete my to do lists and really have felt out of sort. I now believe that depression is one of the most insidious conditions one can suffer because it seems to have no cause and no easy cure. Unfortunately it is a major problem for us diabetics. I will keep you updated on my progress.

This week my sugars have been terrific (go figure). According to my pumps memory I've been averaging 119 with only one high above 180 and some moderate lows in the 70's but nothing lower. 

I ran my long run on Saturday of 22 miles. I was unable to get the scheduled 25 done but I'll live with 22. Especially since the week before I did a marathon. I took 3 days rest and ran 4mi on Wednesday and 5 on Thursday. Today is a rest day, I wanted to go for a bike ride but have been unable to get motivated. This weekend I'm scheduled to do at 15mi run on Saturday and a 10mi run on Sunday. We'll see. I feel very positive about my "Crazy Ass Birthday Ultra" (running my age in miles, 43, on my birthday) as of today. And the family, especially Jessah, is really getting into the support job they will play.

My birthday present came in last night and I just love it. A new Espresso Machine. It really lifted my spirits. Funny thing is I enjoyed going to Toni's track meet and going to Virginia's choir competition much more. Everyone talks about the benefits of parenthood and how most have no material base. Good thing I have many children.

I just wanted to throw out an update today, more like a journal than anything. Please keep an eye out for my podcast, I'm much better at talking then I am at writing. 

If you have any suggestions about my low motivation please send them over my way, I would much appreciate it.