Monday, June 30, 2008

Recovery Monday

Monday mornings? Like most I don’t have a love for the day we go back to work. But this Monday morning is about the recovery run day. Actually this is my recovery week from 3 training weeks. This mornings run was painful. I thought my legs were letting me down after a great week of training and feeling good. I forgot that my legs would need recovery time to grow stronger. The Monday recovery run is supposed to feed the muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Recovery doesn’t mean not running, it means doing things for your legs to help them rebuild. I like a light short distance run and riding my bike.

Recovery also means rest. This weekend was my Long Run of 8 miles. Not long for many runners but a great building week for me. On Sunday I picked up my Son who is a Navy Corpsman (medic). He’s down in Camp Pendleton (San Diego, California) training with the Marines. He’s assigned to the 1st Marines in 29 Palms as a combat field corpsman. They ran his butt off all week, so he was really tired and didn’t want to do anything action packed. We played playstation together and went to the movies. That’s a nice rest day for me as well.

The diet was a success this weekend. Jessah’s birthday dinner was Saturday. I did a Clam-Boil with clams, muscles and shrimp. As well as new potatoes, sausage and corn on the cob. The only fat was the sausage. Potatoes and corn are high on the glycemic index but not in the small amounts I used. Maybe a little too much wine. On Sunday I even used the remaining clams and muscles in a Manhattan clam chowder without the flour to thicken it up (ok broth not chowder but it tasted good). I kept my BG’s in control for the most part, Sunday’s a.m. was 194 but easy to get back down.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks Bret

Today went great with the run, but not so great on the eating. Jessah’s birthday is today. We only had a half hour to connect for lunch. Went to Carl’s Jr. (sorry Jessah, the dinner I’m making tomorrow night will make up for it) had a Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich 610 cal, 53 grams carb and high in fat. Still doing well under the 2300 daily calories, but the fat content.

Did I tell you I enjoy run podcasts. I just found a bunch of triathlon podcasts and have been listening to them for the last few weeks. Today I was listening to Bret (texifornia) of Zen and the Art of Triathlon while on my run. This is a great podcast. I went back to last year and have been working my way forward, while he trains for Ironman Wisconsin. A must listen. Thanks Bret for taking my mind off the hard part of the run with your fixie bike ride.

I should make a list of the podcasts I enjoy. I know that I can put one in the margin of this blog. As soon as I figure it out I’ll post it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did I spell neurotic schizophrenic correctly?

This disease is like a neurotic schizophrenic. I got my insulin pump 6 months ago and it was like the magic ‘get better’ button had been pushed. My A1C dropped from 7.9 to 7.1 in 2 months then to 6.8. In May my doctor decided to take me off the Actos. My sugars became a bear to control. Lots of Basal checks and raising the insulin to carb ratios. I start running again and the sugar starts to get a little easier to control. Sugars are better but not great. I go for an EZ 15 mile bike ride this evening and wham I have a low (61) during the ride. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. If it’s not a 200 then it’s a 65.

The ride was fun. Just worked on spinning at a 98 cadence and keeping my heart rate under 70% (155-159). Got passed by a lot of riders and all I wanted to do was reel them in. But the evening was beautiful and the beach really looked great. Maybe the low wasn’t so bad, it made me stop and enjoy the beach I love so much while I treated it. Once I figure this blogging out I post some pictures.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in the goove

Today was just a 3 mile recovery run. The cool part is my body is starting to remember it's a runner again.

I guess I should explain. The last running I did was the Los Angeles Marathon (March 2, 2008) and the California Half Ironman (March 29, 2008). I was feeling really beat up and moved all my training to just riding my bike, had a century in April coming up, and some of surfing. The century came and my diabetes decided that was the day it would not let me ride. I had a 320 BG in the morning at 3:30am. I pumped extra insulin the whole way down to San Diego for the ride. At the start I got the BG down to 180, not great but it would have to do. But every time I climbed a hill (big and small and San Diego is all hills) my blood sugar would go high again and I would feel like I’m going to throw up. I was really concerned and cut the ride at 50 miles. I think the disappointment and over training lead to some depression and a two month rest.

My wife told me that she was tired of me being a stick in the mud and signed me up for the Long Beach Marathon in October. I went out for a 7 mile run with my son, who is in Marine Corp shape, and barley finished the run with several unscheduled walk breaks. I realized I would have to start from scratch building my endurance. Each run since has been like pulling teeth. I’ve been fighting shin splints and tight calves. Today was the first time I really got into the run. I was running and not thinking about my legs and lungs. I was enjoying the grace and glide I was feeling.

It’s funny how things change depending on your current situation. When I started running in 2004 I was impressed that I could run 2 miles after several weeks. When I got up to 8 miles, something I had not done before as a runner (yes we shuffled for 10 miles in the Army but it was different), I was totally amazed that I was running such long distances. Last year an 8 mile run was an EZ recovery run or something I would put 4-5 miles of tempo work in the middle of. And the long runs were 18 to 25 miles. Now an 8 mile long run is scheduled for this weekend and I’m exited like this is my first time. Lots of things you could think and say about this, I’m just happy to be running again.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A fresh start

A little about myself.
I'm a 40+ year old father of 5. I'm an ex-Army Ranger and Police Officer. Now doing time in the corporate word. I'm an Overweight, back of the pack, type 1.5 diabetic, cancer survivor Triathlete, Runner. But I can call myself a Marathoner (3 in 2 years and 7 half marathons in same time) soon to be an Ironman.