Friday, June 27, 2008

Thanks Bret

Today went great with the run, but not so great on the eating. Jessah’s birthday is today. We only had a half hour to connect for lunch. Went to Carl’s Jr. (sorry Jessah, the dinner I’m making tomorrow night will make up for it) had a Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich 610 cal, 53 grams carb and high in fat. Still doing well under the 2300 daily calories, but the fat content.

Did I tell you I enjoy run podcasts. I just found a bunch of triathlon podcasts and have been listening to them for the last few weeks. Today I was listening to Bret (texifornia) of Zen and the Art of Triathlon while on my run. This is a great podcast. I went back to last year and have been working my way forward, while he trains for Ironman Wisconsin. A must listen. Thanks Bret for taking my mind off the hard part of the run with your fixie bike ride.

I should make a list of the podcasts I enjoy. I know that I can put one in the margin of this blog. As soon as I figure it out I’ll post it.

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