Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Blood Sugar Demon

So we're trying a new voice recognition system. Trying to see if I have to type on my blog I or can just talk at it. This voice recognition system seems to be working pretty well., Nice to relax the back of my hands over my head: talking.

The last two weeks have been terrible. With work and school all of my available hours are completely used up and I just come home exhausted. I've done no running the last two or three weeks. My blood sugars have been skyrocket high. Sometimes so high I couldn't run even if I wanted too.

On the other hand, my school work has been going very well. I'm getting excellent grades in all my classes and understand them extremely well. That has to count for something.

Everybody's taken up an active project in this house. Jessica started walking at lunch, Virginia has joined the swim team, Alexis has joined softball team, Toni has gone out for track, and Chad is taken up exercising the dog as well as PE and lunchtime activities. Not a bad example of an active family.