Saturday, March 28, 2009


The finished product. The big stuff goes up with lots of huffing and puffing but never shows. It's the detail that is easy, muscle wise, but shows to everyone so it takes lots of time.

My training hasn't gone as well. I'm having a motivation problem and can't seem to get myself out the door for my runs. I got a few in but I procrastinate and when I do get out my mind tells me to cut it short even after mile 4. I would take a break and switch to cycling but I have a marathon in 6 weeks. Will keep you updated.

The blood sugars have been terrific. Since I've been home I've only gone to a fast-food place a couple times and my dinners have been healthy works of art. The diabetes doc emailed and wants me to wear a sensor for a week that tests my blood sugar several times a minute. I would love to have one of these full time but the insurance only pays if very severe conditions exist, maybe some day. 

Well off for my long run. You can tell my motivation that I'm updating my blog instead of running.

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