Saturday, August 6, 2011

Designing a new lifestyle and diet plan.


1.       Daily calorie allowance: 2200

a.       7 serving of fruit and veg

b.      Minimize meat intake

c.       Starches will be wholegrain when possible.

d.      Eat several meals a day.

2.       Daily exercise requirement: 45 min.

a.       Walk every weekday min 20 min, s/b with dog.

b.      Run when health permits.

                                                               i.      Plan to run a marathon per year.

                                                             ii.      Plan to run a Memorial Day flag run every year.

c.       Make thing not so easy.

                                                               i.      Park farther away.

                                                             ii.      Take the stairs.

d.      Wash cars weekly.

e.      Start surfing again, Saturdays.

3.       Record keeping.

a.       Tract weight weekly.

b.      Journal daily.

4.       Treat Diabetes without wavier.

a.       Test BG min 8x per day.

b.      Change insertion sights every refill.

c.       Treat highs over 250 with syringe.

d.      Take medication on time.

e.      See Endo every 3 months.

5.       Misc odds and ends.

a.       Cut alcohol to no more that 3 drinks per week.

b.      Create a date night everyweek.

c.       Read nightly.

d.      Minimize TV & game time.

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