Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year. A non-resolution resolution.

It's time again for the New Year's resolution. The resolutions we all seem to make and never seem to hold. Well I haven't made any this year but I thought about what I'd like to achieve, and I think that's where I'll go. As opposed to resolution that can be broken. I'm going to set three goals. A high goal, a medium goal, and a low goal. The liw goal: completely achievable create some success. The medium goal some stretch if not achieved still the low goal achieved, and a high one. The ultimate of what I like to do in a single year.

My low goal for this year physically; is to do a minimum of two days of running 3 miles or more and a minimum of two days of resistance 30 minutes or more. Diabetes; is to test my blood sugar a minimum of four times a day five days a week and take my medication daily.

My medium goal is to achieve the low goal plus train and run one marathon and one half marathon. Test my blood sugars six times a day six days a week.

The high goal is to run my hundred mile run in August and a test my blood sugar a minimum of 6 to 8 times daily seven days a week for the entire year to work on a A1C of 6.8

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