Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anything Is Possible!

I finished my 'Crazy Ass Birthday Ultra Marathon'. We all know what a terrific writer I am so the podcast will be here in a few days. 

Now we know that anything is possible with diabetes, even when the disease is at its worst. 

First of all a special thank you has to go out to Jessah my wife for being my support crew, manning the aid stations and being my personal cheerleader, I was so well taken care of. This is our race not just mine, she put in as much as I did. To Alexis and Toni for your assistance with helping your mother and being my cheering section. To my friend, Brian, for keeping my spirits up with bad jokes while you paced me for the last 13 miles. My brother Sean for calling me every 10 miles to cheer me on. And finally the twitter and facebook world, I had so many shouts of encouragement from my friends there. Every time I updated I had 5-10 people cheering me on, it was a great help. 

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