Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Running Partner

The weekend went by without a post from me. I've already broke my promise to myself. Well it's Tuesday and I'm just going to write a quick post so I don't fall too far behind.

This is the week I start training for the Long Beach Half Marathon with my daughter Virginia. She has been on top of me about this almost daily. That is a great sign. Being a coach helps me go back a relearn the basics myself. Virginia has run a couple of 5K's but nothing recently. We had a scare with her being pre-diabetic, not a great thing especially since she's only 14. The running will put that diagnosis in its place. This will also give Honey the Marathon Dog another running partner. I had to suspend my running with Honey because my mileage was getting to high for her.

This week I started working on my latest podcast episode. Dealing with diabetes is a never ending situation with constant monitoring and treatment. And I mean constant. So this show I decided to talk about taking a vacation from diabetes. So stay tuned it will be a good show.

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Adam said...

Hey buddy great job on your Ultra...look send me your email to get a hold of you...I have a gel that was designed for diabetics that I want to send you....you can see an article on them on my blog lonewolf-runner.blogspot.com...it's one of the first post so look at the archive and it will tell you everything you need to know....