Thursday, July 10, 2008

Race Director

I had lunch with Jessah today. We talked about how to get the kids more excited about doing the Crazy-Ass Triathlon (duathlon option). They expressed interest at first but like most kids interest soon left. Chad is training for it because he gets bored and wanted to do something active. Jessah and I got this idea to make it more like a real race. We started talking about finisher medals, race shirts, and recruiting friends and family to man some aid stations. Jessah has a great imagination, she came up with ideas like a giant nut painted gold and hung on a ribbon or a bag of marble like you’ve lost them. She thought about getting a picture of Hannibal Lector on a t-shirt that says Crazy-Ass Triathlon Participant. We decided to take the RV down to the beach for a home base and transition area for the kids and myself. I’ve dubbed her the Race Director. She seam really excited. I’ve come up with a couple maps for the bike portion of the race. This is the one I like best some hills but not a real killer. Running along the beach will be best because of the drinking fountains and lack of traffic.

This week has really felt like I’m training for something and not just working out. Today I did a 5 mile run with 6 x ½ mile intervals. It was pretty hard and I feel like I accomplished something today. I’m looking forward to surfing/swimming tomorrow. I’m going to take my surfboard out and I’ll get my swim workout in pulling my surfboard along. If the surf is up I’ll even get some surfing in. My knees seem to be a little sore; I’ve not felt this before. Will have to keep an eye on it. No shin problems today and only some stiffness in the calves at the beginning of the run.

Still can’t get the BG under control today. Everything seems to be right but my insulin to carb ratio is to low. Before meals I’m were I’m suppose to be but the after meal test is way too high and I have to make significant corrections. I need to get to the Dr for some advice.

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