Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Plan

The training plan is mostly complete and posted to my Buckeye Outdoors. I found lots of training plans on the web but none that work with multiple goals. I’m training for the Long Beach Marathon and my Crazy-Ass Triathlon 70.3. Not an easy thing to do. The marathon is the A race but not sure what the time goal is. I’m running this marathon with my friend Brian, it’s his first, and we’ll be running his pace. His pace is pretty close to mine. He could run faster than me if he put the training in, but his busy schedule precludes him from that. He’s also agreed to do the run portion with me in the C-A Tri.

My blood sugars have been really good except the mornings. Not sure if it’s the basal rate on my pump that needs to be turned up or I’m not dosing the bolas of my last snack correctly. I need to do a basal test but I’m having trouble finding a time that I can skip a breakfast.

The diet has been great. Even the 4th of July eating was good. I made grilled shrimp with pineapple, a Greek potato salad with Kalamata olives, and grilled veggies with a pineapple cilantro baste. Sean, my brother, added carne asada and wings which I had a very small amount of (one wing and 1 oz of meat). We also had Caesar salad and watermelon. The only negative was the 4 beers throughout the day.
Running and cycling have been great. On the 4th I took the family (yes Jessah, Chad, Virginia, Alexis, and Toni) on a bike ride to the Huntington Beach pier, a 20 mile round trip, to watch the parade. The kids and I raced around on the way home. Shins and calves are still giving me trouble but not getting any worst.

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