Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Crazy-Ass Triathlon

I had a really great 12 mile bike ride today. Just a light spin to the beach and back keeping my HR under 156. I don’t seem to need the recovery week but I know what happens if I don’t take it. INJURY INJURY INJURY

I listened to a new podcast today, the Jetpack show. He has this idea of doing a self supported Ironman. Basically an Ironman you run pretty much by yourself. Your friends can run with you and do your aid stations, no rules just your own race. I really liked this idea. Called my friend Brian, the only one crazy enough to do it with me, about the idea and the “Crazy-Ass Triathlon 70.3” was born. We don’t have a specific date but it will be in the fall. I told Jessah and my kids about this idea at dinner. The girls think it’s a great idea and want to setup a Sprint Triathlon they can do, I was so proud.

The diet went ok today. Taco Bell has this fresco menu. They replace the cheese and sauce with fresh pico-de-gallo that cuts the calories and fat. After dinner I had eaten only 1700 calories. Low calories are not enough to fuel my body. My doctor said that this may be part of my problem. Not enough calories turns my body into starvation mode. I’ll eat a bedtime snack and call it a day.

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